Scholarship Fundraising for Students Recognized at Annual Banquet Event

As the Ohio Alliance for Black School Educators (OABSE), we aim to give our students a transformative experience at the annual banquet by giving each to student financial assistance with furthering their educational goals. It is our desire to demonstrate to each student what a sense of social responsibility and a commitment to serve others is all about.


We thank you again for your kindness, generosity, and support through your donation. All proceeds are split between the raffle winner and the students. Your tickets can be picked up on the day of the event with your proof of purchase receipt that is sent via email at the completion of the online transaction.

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All Affiliates support the mission and goals of The National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) and work with their communities to affect change. If you want to become more involved in your community, feel free to contact the Affiliate closest to you.



NOV 10

National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) Annual Conference is virtual this year. Register for sessions today!

Apr 30

Ohio Alliance of Black School Educators (OABSE) Annual Conference and Banquet. Register today!


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